Priesthood of All Believers

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What’s This About?

…so I need to say that I feel like I’ve been an observer ‘of’ the world for the past 10 years. Similar to watching CNN every morning while I drink my coffee, I’ve been watching the world go by, taking in the information and events of the world, and then going about my daily business relatively unchanged by the stories I just witnessed on the ‘boob tube’.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been busy over those 10 years. I’ve ministered to youth and families in a couple of churches, started a family with my beautiful wife, worked in Organizational Development for a publically traded finance company, recorded a couple of albums, played some gigs across the country with my band, consulted, published some articles, wasted time on the Nintendo Wii, played as the understudy music guy for The Second City Comedy Club in Las Vegas, watched a lot of TV (The West Wing, House, Countdown w/Keith Olberman, Life, Criminal Intent, etc), listened to music (preferrably Dave Matthews), read books, hit rock bottom and, with help from family and friends, picked myself up again. To say that I’ve simply been sitting watching the world go by over these years is not correct…I’ve been busy, just not all that…effective.

So, in light of my ‘ineffectiveness’, I’ve decided to change a few things. It’s time for me to stand up and step up. It is time to stop watching the stories of the world unfold in front of and around me and start influencing those stories and maybe even creating a few of my own.

This blog is intended to be part of that. It is intended for me and people like me (and those not like me at all) to share their thoughts, opinions, dreams, visions, experiences about faith, politics, art, sex, science, and whatever else trips thier trigger. It is intended to be a catalyst for conversation about those topics that are not very ‘PC’ in polite company as well as those that are. This isn’t the first of such a venue, nor will it be the last. But it is mine…well, ours actually. It will belong to all of those who choose to participate.

Ok…so, maybe this is all a bit melodramatic. However, I do want this to be a place for me to put down my thoughts and for others to agree, disagree, argue, rant, rave and debate with me. I want it simply to be a place for discussion and debate about issues in life even about life itself.

So…have at it!! Let me know what you REALLY think and don’t hold ANYTHING back!