God’s Immutable Nature?

The journey of Jonah has been fascinating for me. A story that I thought was a relatively simple tale of God’s will overpowering our own has turned out to be so much more. I do highly recommend that you listen to a sermon or two and offer some input. As usual, I likely have said something in one of them that will tick someone off and therefore offer up an excellent source of GOD TALK on this BLOG. (messages/sermons found at http://www.spiritalivechurch.com).

What I expected to find was a larger conversation about Free Will verses God’s Plan. I was hoping to open up a can of worms about American-Western-Individualism (me-me-me) verses the immutable will of God. The theological implications of this story DO wreak havoc on our individualistic sensibilities and would certainly lead to a passionate discussion. However, as much fun and use a conversation like that might bring to each of us…I wonder if the Jonah story may have even more to it than that.

Is this a story that isn’t necessarily about God’s will vs. ours, but rather a story, a tale, about the nature of a God who does anything and everything to reach those who are considered most wicked (Nineveh)? Is this a Hebrew Bible revelation of the God we are about to celebrate on Easter? A God who goes out of the way for the ‘least of these’?

Yeah…maybe there really is more to Jonah…

THOUGHTS?? (feel free to offer up thoughts on the Free Will vs. God’s Plan stuff…that still sounds like a fun topic to me!!)


Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven’t written much…busy busy busy!

Go ahead an listen to the JONAH SERIES we are doing at Spirit Alive Church and post your thoughts here!!