Ok…so I’m going to pre-empt this thing right now. I just sat down with a very nice, well spoken, intelligent man. He is a reporter/journalist and is writing a piece for the Kenosha News. He had contacted me to talk about my theological opinion on the hot button issue of gay marriage. The article will be published on Saturday (yep…in just two days).

The issue is loaded. It is loaded from every angle imaginable. People are passionate about the issue (or at least they are passionate about THEIR opinion on the issue). It stirs people up. It makes people mad. It puts people off. It brings people in. It is one of those issues where everyone believes they have have it all figured out and when it comes to the faith/God/church/religion…everyone seems to know the mind of God…(including me)

Before I offer up what I THINK I know, I want to know what YOU think? Where does the union (whether we call it marriage, union, commitment or whatever) fit in the religious conversation? How do religious people (both heterosexual and homosexual) talk about this issue? Where to they join the conversation?

Basically…what do YOU think? (I’ll pipe in next week after this article comes out)…leave a comment below….