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Rob Bell – Gay Marriage – Irrelevance

Ok…so I was sucked into a debate on Facebook the other night…SUCKED IN!!!!

I had shared a report from the Huffington Post entitled Former Megachurch Pastor ROB BELL: A Church That Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage Is ‘Irrelevant’. The post can be found. I ‘shared’ this without saying much as I wanted to see what the reaction of those connected to me on Facebook would say…boy was that an interesting evening.

It caused quite a debate…then I just had to jump in. I’d like to share with you what my perspective is on this topic, but I think I will save that for another time…what I want to address is the word ‘irrelevant’ as it relates to church. What makes a church irrelevant? Is it doctrine? Liturgy? Music? Stance on contemporary issues?

I struggle with this a lot…a whole lot. I become impatient. I become restless. I become irritable and testy when I feel we (the church) are not addressing what I consider to be ‘irrelevance’ quickly enough and without enough urgency and enthusiasm as I think we should.

Here is the rub…

Who we are as a church right now matters…maybe not to everyone, maybe not to me…but it does matter to some. Specifically it matters to those who are here now, those who are participating, those who are making things happen, those who are flipping the bill…right?

Leonard Sweet said (and I can’t remember when or where I heard it…but I know he said it) that our in ministry is similar to a quarterback who throws a pass (keep in mind, he came up with this metaphor on the fly so it may not be perfect). You don’t throw the ball where the receiver is at…s/he is running…if you throw it where they are now, then the ball will miss them because by the time the ball gets there, the person catching it will already be somewhere else. A good quarterback throws the ball where they want or expect the receiver to be…you ‘lead’ them with where you throw the ball.

How quickly do we address irrelevance? Do we even care if we are ‘irrelevant’? Is ‘relevance’ in this sense all that important? How fast do we change? At what rate and pace? What are the casualties? Does that even matter?

Why bring it up? Honestly, I want to know what all of you think…please chime in…let me know your thoughts….

Is the Church Irrelevant? What makes it irrelevant? Should change happen at a snails pace? Or RIGHT NOW?
Your turn…